Thank you for solving a big problem! My fianc"⌐ & I eat healthfully but I have a genetic high cholesterol disorder commonly called "FH" (Familial Hypercholesterolemia...the body creates way too much cholesterol on it's own). My fianc"⌐ can eat butter, cream, half & half -"no problem...but I can't. I have been searching for a product like yours for the longest time! Thank you for adding so much pleasure back into my diet! I still make rich desserts for parties or special occasions. Last night I went to a dinner party & was asked to bring my intensely rich & decadent dark chocolate layered banana pudding. I no longer top it with whipping cream though...I use Truwhip & no one knew the difference! Great teamwork & kudos!ΓÇöS.

You advertise that this is "not your mother's whipped topping," but it tastes as good as her old fashioned whipped cream with real sugar and vanilla.ΓÇöLJ

I recently tried this whip cream and was so surprised at how it took me back to memories of holidays at my parents house. My mother always makes her whip cream from scratch and it tastes better than anything you can buy in the stores. This whip cream will be a great substitute when I am making my own sweet treats. Thank you for bringing my memories back.ΓÇöCJ

Love your product!ΓÇöChicago, IL

I tried this recently at a party and loved it. ΓÇöBonita, CA

LOVE your product!!!! So much better AND Healthier than that other stuff that is out there!ΓÇöPlattsburgh, NY

Where can I buy your product in central Virginia (Richmond)? My cousin in Florida raves about it.ΓÇöRichmond, VA

I just discovered TRUwhip and love it! I seriously could eat the whole tub. I love a bit of it melted over hot cereal or frozen sandwiched between graham crackers. I will never go back to Cool Whip again!ΓÇöEvanston IL

I recently discovered your amazing product in the freezer section of our local whole foods market. My kids are in LOVE with it and my husband was thrilled to pieces. I've NEVER bought cool whip and figured I'd never be able to make the fun cool whip pie recipes since I'm not willing to buy something full of junk! Thank you for giving us a GREAT alternative!ΓÇöAsheville, NC

Hello, I recently tried your product and was quite pleasantly surprised -"very tasty! I normally don't use readymade whipped toppings, because they're often "chemicals" (e.g. Dream/Cool Whip). But your product was comparable in taste to homemade whipped cream.ΓÇöLaguna Beach, CA

Hi, Just wanted to tell you that this is The BEST whipped topping!! Nothing can compare with it, and it also has good ingredients that I've been looking for. It tastes especially thick & creamy in Hot Chocolate. This is the only whipped topping I will buy from now on!!ΓÇöHemet, CA

I am so happy to see your product! My son loves it with fresh fruit.ΓÇöSurprise, AZ

I love it, I can finally make recipes that call for cool whip (which you could not pay me to eat!).ΓÇöMiddleburg, NY

Since I discovered Truwhip I no longer buy that icky "other whip" product. I just love it, I mix it in plain yogurt, top my oatmeal with it, use it instead of frosting, etc.ΓÇöEvanston IL

Truwhip is the BEST ever! (Goodbye Cool Whip!) Truwhip is even better than real whipped cream! Thank you! I am so thrilled to have found your whipped topping at Whole Foods! It doesn't have the unhealthy ingredients that I try to avoid. I do enjoy having whipped topping on jello and other heart-healthy desserts without the worry of what I'm doing to my body. Thanks for a great product!ΓÇöFt. Lauderdale, FL

this is my new favorite product! it is so versatile and tasty in everything from desserts to smoothies. sometimes, i even grab a spoon and have a taste of it on its own right out of the container. i am super health conscious, vegetarian and always looking for new products that i can feel good about. thanks so much! i"Ç–ll pass along the good word.ΓÇöSwampscott, MA